Vendor Benchmark

Compare, contrast and view comprehensive peer metrics related your strategic channel investments and budgeting for annual planning and resource validation.

Partner Ecosystems

Covers the distribution of both traditional and emerging partner business model types across channel programs as well as how they map to program structure.  We explore detail around how engagement models differ by partner type and trends in what percentage of partners deliver the bulk of the revenue in channel programs.


Programs Structure

Covers program elements across categories such as program tiers, tier criteria, value-based performance metrics and program support elements.  We also look at how peer vendors deliver overall partner training and new support methods for services focused partners, including cloud-centric and MSP.


Revenue & Spending

Dive into the financials behind peer channel businesses.  We look at the proportion of revenue direct vs indirect, channel budgets by spending category, and how vendors allocate MDF funds (accrual vs proposal based).



Dive into the staffing data from the Vendor Benchmark.  You’ll find insight into channel roles and coverage model trends as well as plans for future investment, and partner coverage ratio’s by staff function.