Partner Profitability

Technology and the way in which partners add value have changed dramatically over the past decade. The primary driver and indicator of channel health, however, remains the same: profit. This research track looks at how partners generate profit and how vendors can better align their channel programs with key partner business model(s) to help drive it.

Partner Profitability Research Brief

State of Partner Profitability: Funding the Future


State of Partner Profitability Full Research

Differentiation is the key to success for solution providers, and a profitable business model is essential to being able to make the right investments.  Through in-depth interviews with partners, we deep dive into the blended business models that yield the most significant profit and ask partners how they re-deploy that profit into unique IP and services.


Profitability At-A-Glance Summary

Key findings represented in consumable infographic style in PowerPoint making it easy to drop into your internal or external presentations.


Full Story Whitepaper profitability

We analyze blended business models, dissect where partners are making investments, and understand where partner see the most significant opportunities for profit.


Profitability Key Findings Webinar

On-demand summary and key implications delivered by IPED Team