Managed Services

Managed services have become a primary or secondary business model for half of the solution provider community.  The foundation for recurring revenue focus and high growth services has  been laid; now, the work begins to segment the various sizes, profiles and services mix of the diverse set of industry MSPs.  In this research, we look today’s diverse MSP community, their growth strategies, operational plans and challenges, and infrastructure vs. applications services mix.  We’ll explore the impact of M&A on MSPs’ ability to differentiate and scale.  We'll also shed light on the evolving expectations for technical, sales and marketing support from their leading IT suppliers as they become the “face of the brand” to IT customers.

Managed Service Provider Playbook

Understand the growth and evolving dynamics of the business model deliverying recurring revenue for your partners


State of Managed Services Research Brief

The Evolution to Hybrid Cloud and Operational Scale

Research Brief

State of Managed Services

The Evolution of the Managed Service Provider Business Model

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MSP At-a-Glance Exec Summary

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Segmenting the World of Managed Services

MSPs differ dramatically in how they deliver their services, what customer segments and solutions they specialize in, and the level of services customization they offer clients.


Managed Services Full Story

The Managed Services business is no longer an emerging phenomenon to watch; it’s the primary way in which solution providers are growing and diversifying their business.

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A Year in the Life of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) - Webinar