Public Cloud Platform

Public Cloud Platform Providers (i.e. Azure, AWS and Google) are major forces in the IT market, revolutionizing how technology is decided upon, procured and managed. Their massive scale, influence and growth is something the traditional IT vendor and solution provider can no longer ignore.

Understanding the Channel Impact of the Public Cloud Platforms Providers

Public Cloud Platform Providers and their Impact on the IT Channel Ecosystem Vendor impacts and Channel Implications


Cloud Marketplaces Playbook Part 2

Part 2 provides detailed insights and best practices for vendors to protect and grow their business in the cloud, including:

  • Changes in customer buying behavior and decision making for cloud services and through Marketplaces –and how these changes are impacting channels
  • Best practices to leverage Market places to engage with customers and channels, to drive both low-friction transactions, and sales/channel-led enterprise deals
  • Case Studies on how leading vendors are incorporating Marketplaces into their cloud channels, and impact on resale, consulting, distribution and MSP programs.


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Cloud Marketplaces Playbook

We will be addressing the cloud platform Marketplaces that are relevant to IT vendors with the purpose of outlining the landscape, the trends and the leading players.