Professional Services Enablement

Reviews the state of project-based professional services and their strategic role in driving business line engagement, partner profitability and delivery capacity in the vendor ecosystem.

Professional Services Research

Understand key challenges facing professional services focused partners and how vendor programs impact partners

Research Brief

Professional Services - IP Development

Intellectual Property is the life-blood of the services focused solution provider.  IP delivers both profit and a competitive advantage where customers expect business outcomes, not just technology.  IPED analysts dive into our Professional Services research to discuss how a vendor can support the creation of IP for partners, and what type of IP solution providers create and value most.


Professional Services - Talent Management

Talent is the raw material for project-based services.  Solution providers struggle both with finding the right talent, and the costs associated with training and nurturing skilled resources.  IPED analysts discuss talent management in the context of our latest Professional Services research, uncovering critical elements vendors can leverage such as role-based training, to deliver value to services organizations.


Professional Services - Field Engagement & Teaming

Service-led firms sell at an executive level, early in the sales cycle.  They own relationships by building credibility through investments in skills and unique IP.  This often creates friction with vendor sales teams who follow the old model of solution providers simply being a vehicle to get products to market.  IPED analysts dive into partner concerns relative to their relationships with strategic vendors and how rules of engagement must evolve to recognize how solution providers lead strategic conversations with customers.