IoT in the Channel

IoT and Digital Transformation are changing the way companies integrate technology into core business process.  The business function itself becomes an opportunity to collect, analyze, optimize and take action on dozens of data points collected from vehicles, medical devices, printers, smartphones, sensors or the myriad of points of connectivity making up the Internet of Things. Solution providers are on the front lines delivering industry expertise, application development skills and the technology knowhow to digitize the enterprise and deliver profit to their bottom line and competitive advantage to their customers.

State of IoT and a First Look at Partner Profitability Webinar

If you have responsibility for any part of your company’s IoT strategy, this is a must see webinar.  Even if you don’t have IoT responsibility, tune in to understand the market and decisions that are plaguing every partner today.  Use cases, vertical markets, revenue contribution, inhibitors to both IT and OT partners success in selling IoT will be represented.


IoT Infographic

Keys to Success with Digital Transformation


State of IoT - Accelerating the Impact of Digital Transformation

A First Look at Profitability

Research Brief

State of IoT

A First Look at Profitability

Full Research Presentation

IoT and the Channel

To understand the progress solution providers are making and where they need assistance, IPED conducted its fourth in-depth research study on IoT.

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IoT On Demand Webinars

IoT At-a-Glance

Key findings in consumable infographic style in PowerPoint making it easy to drop into your internal or external presentations